Monday, March 14, 2011

Eventide Progress

It's been a long week around here. I was diagnosed with pneumonia on Wednesday, which stopped my forward progress on Eventide, quite effectively!
But I do have SOME progress to report... I've completed all the large quarter triangle squares for the big background stars, and sewed all the Ohio Star block quarter triangle squares. I still need to make the final cut on most of them, and press them.
Then the next step is to make the Ohio star blocks by adding 3 1/2 inch squares, etc.

Maybe next week I'll have some real progress to report! I hope so!



  1. Gosh Paula, I hope you are soon feeling better!

  2. I can't believe you made any progress with pneumonia! Wishing you a quick recovery.

  3. Good grief Paula! That is quite a set back! I am sending you lots of healing thoughts. Get well soon.

  4. While I will wish you a speedy recovery, I know that it will be a little while before you're feeling like your "old self". So take good care and get some rest! Get well soon!

  5. Thanks, girls! I keep thinking, maybe I'll feel wonderful tomorrow! After all, tomorrow IS another day!

    And one day will be that "tomorrow!" Yay!

  6. Get well soon Paula! Get some good rest. Things will wait! :)