Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This quilt was difficult for me. My daughter asked for a Double Wedding Ring quilt and I tried to avoid templates and curves, by piecing this one. I made one block at a time, interspersed with more forgiving projects, all year long... and never gave up! (Special thanks to Stephanie for encouragement!)

This is a good example of a quilt that was not too enjoyable to make, for me, but is lovely to snuggle under.
I still owe my daughter her Double Wedding Ring quilt... when this one was finished I couldn't give it away!

It's a Fig Tree Quilt Pattern, made with a Patisserie layer cake.

Oh, BTW and if you decide to make a layer cake quilt, make it immediately, (while the fabric is still in stock somewhere) or don't make ANY mistakes!


  1. Hi Paula! Your quilt turned out wonderfully, didn't it. Your work is beautiful!

  2. That is exquisite! I love the pattern, and anything Fig Tree makes my heart sing. Beautiful!

  3. :) Stephanie, you were right!
    Thank you, Siobhan!

  4. I love you rosettes quilt ! I have that pattern and now you have me worried about making it.

  5. Sue, don't worry, be happy! LOL, let me know how it goes, it may not be a problem for you at all!
    I was such a new quilter! (An old sewer, but new to 1/4 inch seams!