Monday, March 21, 2011

Update on Eventide

I have proceeded along as quickly as I can on Eventide. It has been an interesting process. The worse I felt, the more minutes it took to complete a block, (and I timed this).... and now that I feel better, the blocks are going together more quickly, and look better, as well! This illness has been so informative for me, in so many ways! Special thanks to those who reached out to me in such a special way... and renewed my faith in the positive side of human nature when it seemed silly to believe in that!
Here is my progress so far, I have 8 Ohio Star Blocks still to complete,  and then the inner border and setting the top together. I think I will make it!
And~ I think~ that whenever I am not feeling well, I will reach for Eventide!


  1. Your Eventide looks gorgeous, Paula!! You should be very proud! Glad you are feeling better; the sewing will be more fun, too!


  2. Your Eventide is beautiful! I hope it becomes a reminder to you that you can work thru many things. Lovely, lovely!

  3. Oh your Gorgeous Eventide is really coming along ! So glad you are feeling better !

  4. Beautiful blocks. Hope you continue to recover quickly.