Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big Red

This is my 2nd Saturday "Block of the Month" quilt from 2009. I finished it in January of 2010. My first quilt block, (with its directional horsies,) is in there, 2nd block from the right on the 2nd row. I love this quilt~ it is my favorite. It represents a lot of growth, fun and joy for me. Although it is not that "big," (72x72) it is a very big quilt in my life... my new avocation came to me with this quilt!

I made up the setting for this quilt, and it shows that I was a new quilter.... a straight 2" sashing and cornerstones... but I had finished "True Blue" by then, so I added Miss Rosie's piano key border from that pattern. It is lovely in my eyes! I'm also posting a pic of the backing, which I thought brought it all together... a revolutionary war toile, depicting George Washington's apotheosis! I'll never be thrilled with my choice for the inner border~ it is too "white" and has a glaring effect. Also, it is a paisley, which would have appeared in most American homes later. I decided to pretend I was Abigail Adams and had access to exotic fabrics at the time!
(learning, growing...) Big Red has Hobbs Wool batting to make it extra "crinkly" and is heavily quilted in a classic feather pattern. Block designs and quilting by the wonderful ladies at Quilts Plus, Indianapolis, In.