Friday, February 18, 2011

"Dark Shadows"... (aka "The Beast")

It's finished and ready to go the quilter ~the decks are now cleared to start work on Eventide!

While I was working on this quilt top, I encountered some of my personal dark shadows... such as impatience... my tendency to get things turned upside down and/or backward...willingness to go back and correct things when I'm in a hurry.... and willingness to keep at it when I am just downright tired of the project. So I named it "Dark Shadows."
(Not to mention that Johnny Depp is making a movie based on the T.V. show I remember so well!)
However, toward the bitter end,
I just kept thinking, this thing is a BEAST! (It measures 80x96, my largest quilt so far.)
So I guess it will always have a nickname as well as it's name!
It's a bit difficult to see the Log Cabin surround blocks and setting triangles in the picture... those were the main source of those upside down/backwards moments! They are really what make the quilt so special.

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