Sunday, February 27, 2011


Worked on Second Saturday blocks today....
grrrrr.... yes that really IS a one and one half inch finished quarter triangle square ~ or, octagon~ :( in the center of the brown one!

I'm "behind" on these blocks... to be caught up I need to make 4 more in the next two weeks. I debated about whether to make a Second Saturday quilt this year, because the blocks only finish to 8". I like to at least have the illusion that I will end up with a full size quilt as I make the blocks throughout the year... that's what motivates me to keep on.

I finally decided that at the end of the year, when they come out with the lovely awesome settings, I don't want to be empty handed and wanting to make all 36 blocks! But these are very intense, at least for me. There is NO margin for error, no even a thread width, it seems... so my very best concentrated effort ended up being wavy. I'd better get a bit more precise, or I dread to see the quilt. I do understand what I need to change...I just despise pinning at EVERY juncture.

Then I moved on and worked on Eventide for a bit~ comparatively, what a blessed relief!!! That's my main project for tomorrow...


  1. Beautiful blocks! I LOVE your Big Red--the backing toile is fantastic!

  2. Thanks so much, Siobhan. I do love it too. A new one is at the quilters.... "Dark Shadows," which may top it! We'll see, although quilts, and needle work, are like children... how could you love one "more.?" It's where you were at the time!